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Swimming Gala

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well done to all the teams who took part in the Gala.

1st 9th Ken 61 1st Kings 21 9th Ken 29 16th Edg 24
2nd 3rd Ken 58 3rd Ken 20 3rd Ken 27 8th Ken 14
3rd 16th Edg 54 9th Ken 20 1st Kings 25 9th Ken 12
4th 1st Kings 51 8th Ken 13 16th Edg 22 3rd Ken 11
5th 8th Ken 44 16th Edg 8 8th Ken 17 1st Kings 5

Occasional Badges

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It is now time to remove any occasional badges that have been stuck on your uniform for too long. Badges such as for the Queens Jubilee or Kandersteg should only be worn for one year after the event.