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District Scout Challenge Night

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What a great night yesterday (27th June 2019) at the District Scout Challenge night hosted by 9th Kenton.

5 different Scouts Groups and their Leaders joined in and took part in the different challenges..

There were many different challenges including egg drop, ping pong travel, splat the rat, guess the sweets, helium stick and much much more. All finished off with a hot dogs and drinks, oh and a cake sale to help raise money form 3rd Kenton trip to Croatia in the summer.

Thank you to 9th Kenton (Graham and Katy) for hosting the evening and for all the hard work you put in.

Also thanks to the Leaders that came along and ran a base, not forgetting Pegasus ESU who also helped out.

There where a few prizes given out tonight, the ‘Late arrivals’ from 3rd Kenton won Guess the sweets, and ‘Team Karan’ also from 3rd Kenton won the over all trophy for the most points scored.

It’s was a great evening to be part of and looking forward to the next one!

St Luke’s Midnight walk

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Stanmore & District helped out yesterday at the St Luke’s midnight walk.Well done to Stuart, who made our refreshment stop, was seen from space (Lots of lights).Thanks to the leaders who helped out.

5 a side football competition

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Lots of Beavers Cubs & Scouts took part in the 5 a side football competition and had a great afternoon at Harrow Leisure Centre.  Well done everyone, some great football played!

Cub Bowling competition 2019

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60 Cubs took part in the 10 pin Bowling Competition we held at Holywood Bowling, Garston in March 2019. We had a great game and enjoyed the food! Thanks all for coming and taking part!
1st – 16th Edgware 87.0 points
2nd – 1st/6th Edgware 84.3 points
3rd – 4th Kenton 81.5 points
4th – 3rd Kenton 79.2 points

Swimming Gala 2018 – results

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Congratulations to the 16th Edgware on winning the district swimming gala.

The full for 2018 results are:

Beavers Cubs Scouts GROUP RESULTS
First 3rd Ken 23 16th Edg 25 3rd Ken 23 16th Edg 66
Second 16th Edg 19 4th Ken 14 16th Edg 22 3rd Ken.A 55
Third 4th Ken 13 3rd Ken.A 9 4th Ken 14 4th Ken 41
  1 Stan 9    
Forth 1st Stan 6 8th Ken 4 1 Stan 18
Fifth 8th Ken 5 3rd Ken.B 3 1 Stan 3 8th Ken 9
Relay Beavers Cubs Scouts
1st 16th Edg, 3rd Ken, 3rd Ken, 3rd Ken.A 16th Edg 16th Edg 3rd Ken
2nd 3rd Ken, 4th Ken, 1st Stan 16th Edg 1 Stan 3rd Ken 16th Edg
3rd 8th Ken, 16th Edg, 8th Ken, 3rd Ken.B 4th Ken 4th Ken 4th Ken

Congratulations to everyone who took part.


Swimming Gala results 2017

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Congratulations to the 16th Edgware on winning the district swimming gala.

The full for 2017 results are:


1st 16th Edg 56 3rd Ken 21 16th Edg 20 16th Edg 28
1st Kings 20
2nd 3rd Ken 43 4th Ken 14 8th Ken 14
3rd 1st Kings 39 1st StanA 12 3rd Ken 16 1st Kings 11
4th 4th Ken 27 8th Ken 11 1st H/W 13 3rd Ken B 6
8th Ken 27
5th 1st H/W 8 4th Ken 12 1st H/W.a 5
16th Edg 8
1st Kings 8
6th 1st H/W 26 1 S Wolf B 10 1st H/W.b 4
7th 1st Stan 22 1 S Wolf A 4 4th Ken 1
8th 1st/6th Edg 1 1st StanB 7 1 S Tiger 3 3rd Ken A 0
9th 9th Ken 0 8th Ken 2 9th Ken 0
10th 1st/6th Edg 1 1st Stan 0

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Jack Petchey awards

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Many congratulations to our most recent recipients of Jack Petchey awards.
Kerrie Newby
Nikesh Patel
Corey Golzey
Neha Shah
Davina Varsani
Samuel Grankin

Kyle Suveendarajah
Parth Malde
Viresh Mistry

JP2016 4 JP2016 5 JP2016 6 JP2016 7 JP2016 8 JP2016 9 JP2016 10

11 Chief Scouts Awards

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11 Scouts from the 3rd Kenton being awarded their Chief Scouts Award.

Football competition results

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The results are in for this years district football competition.


1st place: 1st Stanmore C
2nd place: 3rd Kenton A
3rd Place: 9th Kenton A and 4th Kenton.


1st place: 4th Kenton
2nd place: 9th Kenton A
3rd place: 3rd Kenton A and 3rd Kenton B


1st place: 8th Kenton
2nd place: 3rd Kenton A
3rd place: 1st Stanmore Challenger


1st place: Pegasus A
2nd place: Eclipse
3rd place: Alpine

 Many thanks to all those who took part and who helped to facilitate this event.

IMG_8653 IMG_8652 IMG_8643 IMG_8646 explorerfootballwinners15 IMG_8636

Phoenix win the Network & Explorer Pancake Competition.

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Phoenix ESU prevailed against tough challengers to win this years pancake competition.  Only a single point separated the winners from a team made up of members of the District Network.  Who I am sure will be looking forward to see if they can flip things round next year.

Well done to all the participants.

The final scores were:
Phoenix ESU (24 points)
Network (23 points)
Eclipse ESU (20 points)
Alpine ESU (18 points)