Congratulations to the 16th Edgware on winning the district swimming gala.

The full for 2018 results are:

Beavers Cubs Scouts GROUP RESULTS
First 3rd Ken 23 16th Edg 25 3rd Ken 23 16th Edg 66
Second 16th Edg 19 4th Ken 14 16th Edg 22 3rd Ken.A 55
Third 4th Ken 13 3rd Ken.A 9 4th Ken 14 4th Ken 41
  1 Stan 9    
Forth 1st Stan 6 8th Ken 4 1 Stan 18
Fifth 8th Ken 5 3rd Ken.B 3 1 Stan 3 8th Ken 9
Relay Beavers Cubs Scouts
1st 16th Edg, 3rd Ken, 3rd Ken, 3rd Ken.A 16th Edg 16th Edg 3rd Ken
2nd 3rd Ken, 4th Ken, 1st Stan 16th Edg 1 Stan 3rd Ken 16th Edg
3rd 8th Ken, 16th Edg, 8th Ken, 3rd Ken.B 4th Ken 4th Ken 4th Ken

Congratulations to everyone who took part.


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